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After School Program


Contact  Rhonda Murphy-Doud to learn more about Edward Stone's program at (319) 752-4393 or email at

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Pieces Before and After School Program is to provide services before and after school that meet the needs of children and their families through academic, social and cultural opportunities that promote learning and self-esteem necessary for life-long success.

The components of our quality programs are safe, welcoming, and innovative environments; highly skilled and trained educators; engaging learning opportunities that are intentionally connected to school day curriculum; and relationship building supported by caring adults. We ensure key ingredients necessary to provide expanded learning opportunities that engage students and build 21st century skills necessary to succeed.

Overview of Pieces Programs

The daily schedule includes a healthy snack, hands-on activities, time for homework support, academic enrichment classes and opportunities for children to explore new interests.  Forming positive relationships, socializing with peers and caring adults will be part of the daily activities. The areas that we will be exploring include:

Art, Music, Technology, Science, Character Education, Career or Vocational Interests, and Clubs that students tell us they are interested in exploring such as Aerospace, Astronomy, Healthcare Fields, Animals, Wildlife, Sports Medicine and more!

The Program will run from 6:50-7:50 AM Monday-Friday and 3:15-4:50 at least four days a week. This may include Saturdays and Saturday field trips. A schedule will be sent out every month with days and activities.  Transportation can be provided for students in the afternoon program.  The program will begin September 14th.

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